Joseph Lual Bak

Joseph Lual Bak was born on third December 1996 (03/12/1996) at Abiem Village of Awiel in South Sudan: but, according to age assessment certificate: he was registered as born on 01/01)1997 at Yei-Piny/Monydit Village of Gogrial County of South Sudan. There is no prove that all the above data are right, he was born in illiterate family. Thus, there was no clear memorial for the date and time of birth. Birthplace is clear. He was born at Abiem Village of Awiel State of South Sudan. The surprising statement is that he had not seen the year of great famine in the whole land of South Sudan which took place in 1998 (Ruön Makurup). This proves that he was still one to two years, knowing nothing about it. Joseph is second born child in his family. He has two brothers and two sisters.

In 2004, his family returned from Abiem Village to Monydit Village (Gogrial West) the homeland.

He has been playing with children until he decided to attend school on 18 June 2008. He started primary in Mandeng Primary School in Gogrial West County of South Sudan. From 2008-2012, he skipped two classes and completed primary six.

From 2013-2015, he has been Auction and Busherry Clerk at Pagai Boma (District) of Gogrial West County in South Sudan.

On 05/Dec/2016, he sat for Primary Leaving Certificate at Gogrial primary school. He scored English 100% and Maths 44% In 2017, he went to Nyarkech Secondary School in Gogrial of South Sudan. After completing Senior One, he started learning Computer by his own self using Uncle Deng Mawien's Laptop.

By the following year (2018), he skipped senior two and went to senior three. By the end of the year, almost to sit for exams, teachers intervened condemning him about senior two certificate. He left school and went back to stay at home all the day long. Where He had been reading innovative novels, Christians Books and School Books. After he had understood the meaning of life, he established Computer Center at Gogrial Town! Before, he started computer, he had been converted into Christian Believer. At that time, it happened that one of the family member by name Wilson Wol came from school after completing his Secondary School at Nehemiah in Yei. Nehemiah Secondary School is the school of Bishop Elias Taban. So, when Wilson came. He persuaded Joseph to attend Over-Night Prayers that were being conducted near the village. That was exactly in 2017. By gradual praying and reading, Joseph became expert in scriptures interpretation that almost the whole congregation denies that he is not new convert. By reading a book called "Revival is Here Again", written by Pastor Goodheart Obi Okweme (a Pastor from Negeria), Joseph was inspired to start dreaming big dreams that can help churches to catch the spirit of revival.

By the end of 2017, a small church was started at Majook-Awaan and he was appointed the church leader till he disagreed with Church members twice and completely resigned in October 2019.

In 2019, an Evangelist, who first started Gogrial Pentecostal Church formed a governance body of the Pentecostal Churches and that governance body is called Zonal Office. So, Joseph was nominated as General Secretary; but, still he disagreed with some people's mindset and resigned in Feb 2020. The Evangelist who first started a Pentecostal church in Gogrial is called Gabriel Aru Aleu Aru. Gabriel is now on way to be ordained as Pastor for all local churches in the whole area of Gogrial. So, when he was conducting his business of computer, he uses a few minutes to think about Christianity Revival.

By 06/20/2018, He was inspired to form church revival ministry called "Commitment for Repairing and Reviving (CRR)". From 2019-2020, he has been working on the process of meeting all CRR's legal requirements to operate and thus, there is a hope that even if CRR is not fully operating, time will vomit its day of full operation. Actually, according to paperwork of Joseph, CRR was formed on 20/06/2018 and emerged on 03/02/2019, and got partially corporated on 20/09/2019.

Joseph is the best computer programmer in the land of South Sudan.

Joseph is still single on this date 16/10/2022 and no one knows whether he is betrothed/engaged or just he wanted to continue in singularity. For clarification, Joseph is not a pastor. He is just an Evangelist. He recognizes himself to be the lowest individual among the gatherings of well spoken and well known believers; in fact, he is just focusing on Business and CRR assignment. He has no time with other public activities where brilliants are usual recognized.